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David McGovern left a new review Hi Alan Sherliker, David McGovern just left a new 5-star review of :

If a first aid course involves a lot of theory and little practice, it is soon forgotten and the trainee does not feel like a qualified First Aider. This one is excellent in that it focuses on the lifesaving essentials (including ongoing danger to oneself and others nearby!) and gives saturation practice in CPR and the use of a defib machine. Now I feel like if I come across anyone having a doze in the sunshine, they’d better wake up smartly when I start checking them out . .

Vincent left a new review
Hi Alan Sherliker,
Vincent just left a new 5-star review of

Very knowledgeable and experienced trainer, made a challenging subject very understandable. Very “hands on” practical demonstrations of various life-threatening situations. Very good rapport with the participants and allowed free flow of questions and answers.