Privacy Policy

First Aid Academy

At First Aid Academy we are committed to complying with all relevant policies and procedures and especially those which surround how we use and process personal data and want to maintain your trust and confidence in our business. This privacy notice is intended to set out how we may collect, use and process data that is collected from time to time and confirm that we are not in the business of selling, renting or trading data in any way, but will advise here on the limited conditions under which we may need to disclose it to others.

Whilst this document provides lots of information we will be pleased to discuss specific aspects of our policies and procedures so let’s start by confirming who we are and how to contact us: –

First Aid Academy
PHONE: – 0800 999 2716

What information do we collect and where we collect it?

We collect information about you when you contact our company, which may be an enquiry to request advice and information, place an order, book a training session, register during a training session and occasionally participate in promotions, surveys and feedback. We may occasionally receive data from third parties whom you have provided consent to pass your details to us or from publicly available sources. Our website may also capture browsing data and you may also specifically sign up to receive information from us. We will also collect data from individuals and organisations when you are requested to undertake an occupational health screening or medical assessment which may be to comply with health and safety legislation. We try hard to limit the amount of data we collect from you to the information specifically necessary for the intended purpose. The information we collect from you is normally your contact details including home and work addresses, telephone numbers including mobile and e-mail addresses. On occasions, we may need to collect gender, date of birth, and ethnicity. The list is not exhaustive, we may need to collect additional data such as for certain occupational health services which may include more sensitive personal data.

What is the legal basis for processing personal data?

First Aid Academy will generally process data because it is necessary for the pursuit of our legitimate interests as detailed below. It may, however, be on occasions that we need to collect data to fulfil a contractual arrangement, and in certain instances, it may be to fulfil a legal obligation such as compliance with legislation, in particular, but not limited to the Health & Safety at Work Act.


  • Selling & Supplying goods and services to our customers / Providing advice and support to our customers
  • Protecting customers, individuals and employees and maintaining health, safety and welfare
  • Promoting marketing and advertising our products and services
  • Updating customers and individuals with relevant information and changes with regard to courses and qualifications
  • Updating customers and individuals with health advice and information
  • Updating customers and details with regard to safety notices, product recalls and regulatory changes
  • Sending tailored and relevant promotional communications
  • Requesting feedback and development/improvement of products and services
  • Understanding customer needs and preferences / Handling complaints claims queries or disputes
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, fraud investigation and prevention.

How do we use the data we collect from you?

First Aid Academy will not share, rent or sell your data to any third-party organisation for marketing purposes. Data will be processed following our legitimate interests outlined above. Here are some of the most common ways in which we use that data for legitimate purposes, While these examples are not exhaustive they are the most frequent ways in which we use the data.

MARKETING: – Your details may be on one or more of our direct marketing or e-mailing lists to receive promotional material and e-mails for products and services and information about up-and-coming courses and events. You will be able to unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

IMPORTANT UPDATES: – We often provide important updates in regulation changes or changes in course details, venues or sometimes medical directives, product advice and recalls and important service information.

WEBSITES: – We may on occasion use cookies data and analytical software sometimes provided by third parties, for example, Google Analytics so that we can improve our web browsing experience, track visitor numbers and make improvements to our online presence. We do not make or allow anyone to make any attempt to identify those visiting our site, other than you may sign up to or request information.

UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION: – We are often asked why we collect information such as date of birth alongside contact details this is to identify you as an individual, especially with awarding organisations, sometimes regulatory compliance and if we need to identify you with other professional organisations, especially in the health care sector.

Who do we share data with?

First of all, First Aid Academy will not share, rent or sell your data to any third-party organisation for any marketing purposes. Data will be processed following our legitimate interests outlined above. We do sometimes however as part of our legal basis for data usage need to communicate information to other parties not limited to but for example:

AWARDING ORGANISATIONS: – To validate your award, identify you to the awarding body and enable awarding bodies to verify training has been completed. On occasions, it may be to allow and verify grounds for reasonable adjustment in delivering or assessing a qualification. It also allows awarding organisations to develop further courses and monitor equality and diversity among learners.

EMPLOYERS: – In order to confirm course attendance and course outcomes and feedback on course progress. To identify you for further training or training recall and for validity/verification of certification.

For employees or prospective employees who undergo health surveillance, screening and assessment then certain data is fed back to your employer with regard to the results and outcomes of such investigations and assessments. This may be to enable employers to comply with legislation, make reasonable adjustments within your workplace and ensure your health and safety. All data that is collected and administered during occupational health services will be subject to specific consent at the time of screening.

HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: – When providing occupational health services, it may be necessary to share or discuss your information with other healthcare professionals. It may sometimes be necessary to request medical information from your Doctor or consultant and specific consent will be requested from you at that time.

Security, retention and destruction of data

We endeavour to maintain your data securely at all times and appropriate to the level of risk identified. The measures may include but are not limited to secure data back-ups, electronic data encryption, password protection, and locked storage facilities. Data will only be retained as long as necessary for the legitimate interests identified. In some cases, we are required to retain training data for up to 7 years for compliance requirements. Certain health records may need to be kept for longer periods of time and will be subject to individual assessment. Data will be destroyed once we have confirmed that it is no longer required for the identified legitimate, contractual or legal use and will be an industry-approved method of destruction.

Your rights and access to data

You have a right to be informed of how we use data collected about you and this document serves to provide an overview of how we collect use and process your data. You may request at any time to view details of the data we hold about you and request amendment or corrections to data we hold. You may also make a request to erase data that we hold. All requests for amendment, correction or for data to be erased, will be subject to investigation and verification and in certain circumstances may be rejected with a full explanation of any refusal.

Please make all requests direct to First Aid Academy at the address details provided above.

You can unsubscribe to general mailings at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link on the bottom of marketing e-mail communication or by e-mailing us at the address provided above.